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Paradise Lost is a forum dedicated to the Bioshock videogame series and the Role Playing community. If you enjoy intellectual videogame discussion and roleplaying with a Bioshock twist, Paradise Lost is your forum.
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 Paradise Lost Rules and Guidelines

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Forsaken Lament 04
Think Tank

Number of posts : 9
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PostSubject: Paradise Lost Rules and Guidelines   Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:58 pm

As a site which is focused on civil conversation and mutual role playing, there is a small, yet important set of rules which we ask members to observe.

Our forum is one which values and respects the opinions and views of its members. While we encourage rigorous debate, please respect other peoples ideas, and do not insult or attack other members.

Because Bioshock is a game for the mature audience, we generally do not have a problem with curse words. Still, we ask that you please keep such words to a minimum and refrain from spamming them. Also, we must ask that all severe racial, gender, or sexual slurs be avoided. If any of these rules are broken or challenged, immediate action will be taken by forum staff.

Spammish posts and off topic discussion WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. First offenses will be deleted, and a reprimand will be issued. Continued infractions could passibly warrant a temporary ban.

In regards to the Role Playing section of the site, certain acceptions to the forementioned rules may be applicable, however we still ask that posts be kept tasteful. Please see the Role Playing section for more rules on this matter.

For more information on the rules and guidelines, feel free to Private Message and member of the Paradise Lost Staff. Thank you!
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Forsaken Lament 04
Think Tank

Number of posts : 9
Registration date : 2009-02-04
Age : 32
Location : Cocktail Lounge, Fort Frolic (Chicago)

PostSubject: Re: Paradise Lost Rules and Guidelines   Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:22 pm

Also: The rules for the chatroom are the same as in the forum. Again, keep things tasteful and courteous. Over-spam may result in a temporary ban.

The chatroom can be accessed by clicking the "Portal" option on the upper navigation bar. When signing in to the chat, please create a username and a password so you can register it with the chat server.

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Paradise Lost Rules and Guidelines
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