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 Genetic Modifications, Weapons, & Other Equipment

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Think Tank

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PostSubject: Genetic Modifications, Weapons, & Other Equipment   Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:18 am

The details of actual items, abilities, and weapons you use in Paradise Lost are all compiled right here.

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Think Tank

Number of posts : 91
Registration date : 2009-02-04
Age : 29

PostSubject: Equipment Overview   Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:21 am


Your ADAM Hypo is larger and composed of better materials than EVE Hypos, so intended for regular use rather than disposal. It is also designed to accommodate serums such as Plasmids and Tonics either from vials or from machines like Gatherer's Gardens and Gene Banks.

ADAM is the primary ingredient to your genetic modifications. Without it, Plasmids and Tonics are useless. Think of Plasmids and Tonics as the idea of "just add water"... only, instead of water you need to add ADAM. And its much more scarce.

Players (excluding Figures) will start with a set number of ADAM at the beginning of the game, and can gain more from Little Sisters, or other players.

ADAM makes your genetic code unstable in order to foster the effects of genetic enhancement. Think of it as nice, gentle, cancer... and hardly noticable, as long as you keep using more ADAM. People who splice heavily are going to show it in their physical features and in their personality.

Genetic Modifications:
Plasmids and Tonics, are serums that alter the way ADAM influences your body. Before you can splice them, you will need the required amount of ADAM for its effects to take hold, and how much ADAM it takes will depend on how powerful the Plasmid/Tonic is.

You get Plasmids/Tonics from Gatherer's Gardens and other certain situations, in the form of large vials filled with red serum (Plasmids), blue serum (Physical Tonics), yellow serum (Engineering Tonics) or green serum (Combat Tonics). You will need to mix enough ADAM with these serums before you inject yourself with it, using your ADAM Hypo.

You can only use as many Plasmid/Tonic Slots you have acquired (Players start with two Plasmid slots and four Tonic slots, and more can be created by spending more ADAM), with Six maximum of a serum type at one time. These "slots" are actually a set limit of how many serums your body can hold at one time and remain stable. Modifying your body to be able to contain more Plasmids (more "slots") will require ADAM. (Note, at the beginning of the game you can distribute your six allotted Tonic slots in any three sorts of Tonics. You can have two in each like the game, or perhaps you want to fill out your Physical Tonics early?)

A note on Plasmids...
Plasmids are active genetic modifications. These chiefly influence your left and right arms, changing your body and giving you new abilities that can be "fired" or used voluntarily.

A note on Tonics...
Tonics are passive genetic modifications. These means they flow through your body and give you benefits without you consciously willing them. Kinda like how you don't focus on your breathing unless you try to.

EVE and EVE Hypos:

EVE is the supply for your Plasmid prowess. While ADAM makes genetic effects possible, EVE fuels the effects. The human body wasn't made to produce intense flames and high voltage, after all. These hypos are designed for quick injection for battle efficient delivery of EVE. Its a good idea to carry more than one. These can be acquired from vending machines and battle as well.

Weapons and Ammunition:

Maim and kill the old way! The classic pistol, shotgun, and machine gun ("lesser" weapons) enhanced technology that can only be found in the unbridled creative force of Rapture, as well as the more unorthodox grenade launcher, chemical thrower and crossbow ("greater" weapons). And who could forget their pipe wrench at home? So many uses... While the wrench has no ammunition, the other weapons do. In an effort to simplify the RP for ease of use, we won't be counting every bullet you fire from your machine gun but rather the clips you are carrying. Unique ammunition will be more scarce than standard ammo, and will be noted more carefully. Weapons can also be upgraded, but upgrades will be more available to some than others...

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Think Tank

Number of posts : 91
Registration date : 2009-02-04
Age : 29

PostSubject: Genetic Modifications (Plasmids & Tonics)   Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:25 am


Plasmids are active genetic modifications, or mods that are willed to use.

Electro Bolt

The veins in your arms and hands surge and glow with energy. Blast foes to stun them where they stand for a short period of time, providing an opportunity to capitalize with a better attack. The attack does damage, rather than just stun, if the target is standing in or covered with water. Also useful for downing aggressive security elements, allowing time to hack them, but in Paradise Lost it takes multiple blasts to disable them. With the Electric Flesh tonic, damage to wet enemies and to security elements is increased.

See stun message below!

"Stun your foes with 1,000 volts! Shock them in water to deal damage!"


The flesh on your arms and hands burn with small bursts of flame. Snap your fingers and light enemies aflame. You can catch on fire more specific parts of their body with smaller bursts, or catch their whole torso on fire with a large explosion. Fire will spread to others, including yourself. Intensify the heat with multiple blasts at a time or with the Human Inferno tonic.

"Light your enemies on fire with just your finger tips!"

Insect Swarm

Your hands sprout hive-live growths with hornets crawling in and out from the holes in your flesh and along your fingers. Release a swarm of genetically enhanced hornets to surround and attack multiple enemies, distracting them in the process. Good for finding people in hiding, as the bees never mistake a dead body.

"Nothing clears a room like swarms of stinging hornets. (Warning: not recommended for users with allergies.)"

Security Bullseye (Note: Hackers only)

Manifests as a blue ball of liquid created from your blotched flesh. When thrown at an enemy, any unclaimed security elements are more likely to spot and inflict their wrath upon him or her. Useful for hackers who want to use security bots and turrets before they can access them.

"Are those pesky security cameras getting you down? Simply tag your enemies with our photoelectric insects and those cameras and turrets become your best friend. Splice Security Bullseye today!"

Target Dummy

Creates an image "clone" of yourself which can be set at any location within eyeshot and mimics your movements exactly. It is extremely convincing, but if it is attacked, touched, or even if a bullet goes through it, it is dissipated. Use to confuse and distract your enemies.

"Enemies on your back? Distract their attention with a helpful decoy. They take the heat... so you don't have to!"


Move objects with your mind, guiding with your hand. You are not limited to pick up/block and throw here in Paradise Lost. Move it where and how you want to. Things that aren't bolted down can be used, but you're limited to one object per use of EVE. Animate objects, ie, living people, cannot be picked up upon because their own brain waves interfere with the telekinesis. Hold objects in front of you to block bullets, but you cannot catch and fire bullets back. From Teddy Bears to Big Daddy Corpses, grab them, launch them.

Picking something up costs no EVE, so Telekinesis can effectively grab things and bring them to your hand at no cost (like thrown Spider Hooks for example). However if you throwing something, or holding something that is stressed (in other words, using held objects to block) costs one EVE per use.

"Pick up big stuff with your mind. Throw them at your enemies. What else do you need to know? "

Winter Blast

Severe frostburns cover your flesh, with icicles jutting imposingly from your knuckles. Much like Electro Bolt, Winter Blast freezes people in place, embalming them in ice. Unlike the game, we won't be shattering people in Paradise Lost. However, the effects of Winter Blast don't wear off once the victim can move. The opponent moves slower their next turn, after they've thawed, as the ice's grip takes time to release their body.

See Stun message below!

"Freeze your enemies, shatter them into a thousand pieces."

Sonic Boom
Send enemies flying with a sudden sonic blast. Has the capacity to knock multiple enemies off their feet, but unlike other plasmids, one use requires and consumes a full hypo of EVE in your system. Not powerful enough to move an active Big Daddy very far. A hurricane in your hands.

"Send your enemies back with hurricane force, watch as they bounce off the walls"

Run forward and disappear in a cloud of rose petals. Reappear anywhere within eye sight. Good for getting out of a jam - fast. You must appear and reappear in one turn, takes one attack and one use of EVE. Not effective for dodging attacks, as it takes too long.

"Get there in a hurry."


Normal: The opponent, when successfully hit, is stunned for the count of one action. This stun is interrupted when they are hit. While stunned they are completely open for one attack from anyone. If your opponent is stun, you can choose to use the oppurtunity to recover, and the stunned opponent cannot interfere with it. As you know there are two actions in one turn (attack or recover). If you stun your opponent with your first action, you can get a free shot with your second attack, or you can get an uninterrupted recover. If you stun them with your second action, and no one strikes the stunned opponent before their turn, their first action is void because they are stunned (meaning they only have one action in their next turn, not two).

Location Bonus Increase: The opponent, when successfully hit, is stunned for the count of two actions. If you stun them with your first action, and attack them with your second action, they are STILL stunned for one action in their next turn. If you stun them with your second action and they are not attacked until their next turn, both actions are stunned and their turn is void (if you are stunned this badly you can only describe your character lighting up like a christmas tree or being cryogenically frozen in the reply, and make no movements).

Location Bonus Decrease: If your plasmid is negatively influenced by the Location Bonus, you can no longer stun. Electro Bolt still does damage to characters standing in water, Winter Blast still slows opponents down for one turn.


Tonics are passive genetic modifications, or mods that are active whether you think of it or not (just like you can breathe without focusing on it).

Physical Tonics

You can almost fly through the air you can leap so far. Perform backflips and dizzying aerial feats effortlessly. Olympic gymnastic skills in a bottle! Splice with Spider Walk to leap to the ceiling and cling to it effortlessly!

Booze Hound

Your body can now proccess alchohol and convert it to the same healing solution from Health Stations and First Aid Kits. Feel your vitality renewed with every sip; drinking to your health has a new meaning!

"Take full advantage of Rapture's distilleries and vintners. Drink to your health with Booze Hound!"

Natural Camouflage
When you relax and stand completely still, your body takes on the image of what's around you, effectively making you completely invisible. However, any movement, even to attack from where you're standing, will make you appear visible again. Great for hiding. However, the fact that you must be moving to be seen has caused splicers who use it to develop "nervous ticks" such as tapping their fingers, to remain visible when they want to in polite company.

"Need some peace and quiet? Splice in Natural Camouflage, stop moving, and just fade away. Remember, not seeing is believing!"

Wrench Jockey*
Increases general strength, with emphasis on the upper body. Your muscle fibres have increased in endurance and power, but there are no physical changes to muscle mass. You'll feel like you can break skulls with a spoon.

"Wrench Jockey bulks up your upper body, allowing you to wield club-like weapons with unprecedented skill and power!"

Faster, Stronger, Better. You will run faster, and swing faster with melee weapons. The fast twitch muscles in your body have all been enhanced, making it easier to execute movements the nanosecond you conceive them. Achieve a lifetime's worth of fitness development in a few minutes by splicing SportsBoost, and perhaps the favor of the opposite sex as a result.

"In today's dangerous times, it never hurts to be a little faster, a little quicker on the draw. Remember, you don't have to outrun the crazed Splicer - just your neighbor!"

*NOTE: You may only use one of the Physical boosting tonics SportsBoost or Wrench Jockey, at a time.

Spider Walk
Go places others can't with Spider Walk; the walls and ceilings are your playground. Cling to any surface effortlessly, drop down on unsuspecting enemies. Splice with Acrobat to leap to the ceiling effortlessly, rather than crawl up the wall to get there. A free pair of Spider Hooks with every purchase, to climb faster!

You cannot wear shoes when you climb, as this tonics alters your feet to easily cling to surface and you must be barefoot. You must have three limbs in contact with the ceiling to remain there, giving you one free hand to attack with from the ceiling (if you're using the Spider Hooks, just jam one into the ceiling to free one hand). This means you are limited to the Knuckles, Spider Hooks, Butcher's Knife, The Tool, Wrench, and Lead Pipe as Melee Weapons and the Pistol as ranged weapons. With one free hand you can use plasmids.

Combat Tonics

Armored Shell
The tissues of your body becomes more resilient, reducing the influence of bullets or bludgeoning on your health. Make guns and wrenches less effective against you, save on First Aid Kits.

"Useful in any hazardous situation, Armored Shell offers fantastic protection against life's bumps and bruises. Don't be a softie -- use Armored Shell now!"

Electric Flesh**
The veins in your body take on a faint blue glow, the intensity waxing and waning to your pulse, though barely noticeable. You are more resistant to shock damage, and only barely stunned by Electro Bolt shots. You are also more capable of longer stuns and more powerful damage when using Electro Bolt on wet opponents. Your melee weapon also deals shock damage.

"Supercharge your body with Electric Flesh, the ultimate in electricity enhancements. Insulate yourself from harm with the new Electric Flesh! "

Frozen Field**
Your skin pales, slight frostbite evident as your skin feels icy cold to the touch. You are more resistant to ice attacks, thawing much quicker than you would otherwise, the slow down not withstanding one full turn. You also freeze enemies for longer when using Winter Blast.

"Leave your foes out in the cold with Frozen Field!"

Human Inferno**
Your blood runs hot, warmth rising from your body like invisible flames and your skin is tinged red as if slightly burned. You are more resistant to fire attacks, Incinerate!'s flames will die much faster rather than persist when your clothes and flesh are alighted. You will also do more damage, blasts spreading like wildfire, when you summon the flames yourself.

"Human Inferno -- the hottest Tonic in Rapture!"

8*NOTE: You may only use one of the elemental tonics, Electric Flesh, Frozen Field, or Human Inferno, at a time.

Machine Buster
This tonic gives you knowledge on where to strike security elements. Make bots, cameras, and turrets victims to your knowledge of violent disassembly, and destroy them quicker.

"In today's automated environment, you may find yourself up against hostiles not made of flesh and blood. Machine Buster gives you the edge you've been looking for against metal-plated antagonists. "

Security Evasion
Creates a slight interference around you, like an "aura" from which only security elements are effected. Cameras, turrets, and bots take longer to recognize you as the enemy, but you're not completely invisible. Less effective when struck by Security Bullseye. It takes you two turns to be found by Security Cameras or other Security Elements, giving you more options to defeat them.

"Has a rival faction set up Security Cameras and Turrets where you need to go? Security Evasion adjusts the thermal signature of your epidermal layer, confusing cameras and turrets and delaying their response."

Engineering Tonics Check Gene Bank Hacker Considerations !

Note: being a hacker and opening the Engineering account gives you the ability to hack all security elements and vending machines (excluding Gatherer's Gardens, Power to the People).

Attain knowledge of the inner workings of smaller more intricate locks, such as those on safes, and the number code locks on doors. Get to places other people can't.

"One of Hacksmart's more popular offerings, Safecracker lets you into the places that THEY want to keep you out of. Splice it now, and get Hacking!"

Shorten Alarms
Alarms end quicker, bots lasting one turn instead of two. This effect also extends to anyone else on your team who is detected and sets off an alarm.

"What sound is more ominous than a yammering security alarm? With Shorten Alarms spliced, your personal EM signature becomes altered to interact uniquely with alarm sensors, shortening the period until you'll be free and clear. "

Speedy Hacker
Hack two things in one turn, provided they are in reasonable running distance of eachother. Save time, hack more!

"The most popular of the HackSmart line, Speedy Hacker buys you the time you need to Hack any electronic device. Time is on YOUR side with Speedy Hacker!"

Vending Expert
The lesser cost you get from hacking vending machines just got lower. Knock it down to half off instead of 75%.

"Splice Vending Expert to hack away prices!"

Hackers Surprise
Tinker with one of the devices you hacked and set a trap inside of it for the poor soul who tries to convert it. When this security element is disabled it becomes something of a proximity mine... when someone approaches to loot it or hack it it will either explode or react in a different way depending on what kind of machine it is (see Security Elements for details). Sabotaging something you've already hacked takes one hack or one turn (one half of a turn if you are using Speedy Hacker).

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Think Tank

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PostSubject: Melee Weapons   Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:23 pm

Melee weapons are simple. You hit people with them. Everyone is required to carry a melee weapon and most of them take one weapon slot.

Wrench: The iconic weapon from the game itself, the pipe wrench embodies the center of range, power, and weight for a perfectly balanced good for anything weapon. Stylish, reliable, and undeniable... it's a classic.

The Tool: The Engineer's wrench can do more than just hack. Lighter in weight than the Wrench, the Tool has the exact same reach but doesn't have as much clout. To compensate for this, it is faster and more effortless to swing.

Lead Pipe: A makeshift weapon salvaged from the environment, this lead pipe has a large disconnected elbow at the striking end of it. It has the same range as the wrenches, but has more potential for damage; however, it is heavier and slower to swing.

Butcher Knife: A large sharp blade for slicing and slashing, at the expense of very short range. Get up close and personal; cut all ties.

Golf Club: A Ryan Loyalist's weapon of choice. One of the longest ranges of any weapon, and fast too - but not capable of as much damage as the wrench. But that won't matter as you strike from so far away they can't reach. Test your golf swing out on their groin!

Baseball Bat: It isn't just a game anymore. The classic modern club, this bat is made from metal, not wood. It has longer range than the standard Wrench and more striking power but is slower due to it's weight.

: It feels familliar in the hands of those Fontaine Revolutionaries who have the callouses to prove it. Composed of metal, it has about the same range as the Golf Club but has devastating power in comparison. The catch is how many times they can hit you during your swing- especially if you miss!

Chain: An unorthodox weapon for certain, the chain has many uses. You can whip someone from afar or bind them up close, choking them around their necks or catching their limbs. However it is a hard weapon to control and can easily be taken advantage of by your opponents.

Knuckles: The clever man's knock out punch. The knuckles, made of conductive metal, have terrible range and not as much power as other melée weapons but are just as fast as you can punch. Equipping this frees the slot most melée weapons take as well. Combine with Electric Flesh or Frozen Field for an elemental wallop.

Spider Hooks: Although these are used the Spider Walk Tonic to climb walls faster, they have a dual purpose; to gut your opponents alive. Somewhere between the Knuckles and Butcher Knife, this pair of bladed hooks is perfect for close quarters combat. Splice the Acrobat Tonic to deliver dizzying aerial blows.

Range Comparison
Least to greatest (Chain has uses at all ranges)


Butchers Knife & Spider Hooks

Wrench, The Tool & Lead Pipe

Baseball Bat

Golf Club & Sledgehammer

Weight Comparison
Least to Greatest. The lighter something is the faster it is, but it does less damage. The heavier something is, the slower it is, but it does more damage. (Chain is too odd to compare).


Spider Hooks

Butchers Knife

Golf Club

The Tool


Lead Pipe

Baseball Bat


Electric Flesh and Frozen Field

All of the Melee weapons can benefit from the Tonics Electric Flesh and Frozen Field. If you strike someone in the torso or the head successfully on your first attack, they are stunned and left open for your second attack. If you manage to strike one of their limbs, that limb is stunned and cannot be used during their next turn (you can only stun one limb this way). Stuns either to the body and head or the extremities cost one use of EVE.

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Think Tank

Number of posts : 91
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Age : 29

PostSubject: Ranged Weapons   Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:32 pm

Ranged weapons shoot and use different types of ammunition. They require reloading when they are spent. Most take up two weapon slots, but Pistols take up one. Remember that you also only have nine ammo slots.

Lesser Weapons


The classic sidearm, the Pistol is closely related to a Webley MK IV Revolver. Dependable, reliable, and quite possibly the most versatile weapon, despite its lesser damage when compared to others. The Pistol is effective at all ranges. It holds six shots before being upgraded at the Power to the People station; make sure you count them. The Pistol is reloaded quickly because all of its ammo types come in moon clips, making it easy to load in just seconds.

Because it takes just one weapon slot, it is possible to dual wield pistols, but you cannot use Plasmids while doing this.

Clip size: 6, 24

Turn: One attack is six shots.

Power to the People Upgrades:

Pistol Clip Size: An auto-loading clip effectively quadruples the clip size of the pistol (24 shots). A new revolver piece fashioned from a can holds several more rounds and is reloaded just as quickly as a moon clip. Fire more, reload less.

Pistol Damage Increase: An ammunition accelerator increases the damage done by the pistol. The accelerator glows a faint red as it juts from the inside and just above the trigger, wrapping around your barrel and making it that much deadlier.

Ammo types:

Pistol Rounds: Standard

Armor Piercing Pistol Rounds: Take down twice as many Security Elements with these. (Note: Only three clips of this carried at a time)

Machine Gun

The most rapid gun, hold the trigger down, and people die. The Machine Gun is loosely based on a 1928 submachine gun or the "Chicago Typewriter", has a longer barrel than the common machine gun found in Rapture, and has a shoulder stock and foregrip as well. You can fire in controlled bursts if you're sensible (boring) or you can just pump people full of lead. The Machine Gun is only effective at mid range until you get a Kickcback Reduction from the Power to the People machine; until then the gun is far too jumpy to shoot people from afar. The Machine Gun is reloaded by pulling the empty drum and replacing it with a brand new one, then pulling the bolt back to lock it.

Clip size: 40

Turn: One attack is 40 shots

Power to the People Upgrades:

Machine Gun Kickback Reduction: A stabilization cylinder reduces the kickback of the machine gun. The cylinder attaches right above the trigger on the inside of the gun, attaching to the barrel and absorbing some of the force from the rapid fired shots.

Machine Gun Damage Increase: An acceleration framework increases the damage of the machine gun. A thorough upgrade covers the entire top of the firing mechanism, and a circular component at the end with glowing bars that alternate red and yellow.

Ammo types:

Machine Gun Rounds: Standard

Antipersonnel Auto Rounds: Specially designed to penetrate the flesh and pierce organs quicker. Not as powerful as their brothers, the Antipersoneel Pistol Rounds though.


The Shotgun or boomstick deals more damage with one shot than most. Modeled after one of the earliest pump-action shotguns, this weapon has beautiful engravings behind the barrel. It is effective at close to midrange, but terribly slow before upgrades, requiring you to pump between every shot. Reloaded by pushing shells individually through the chamber beneath it.

Clip size: 4

Turn: One attack is 2 shots; 2 shots with Rate of Fire upgrade.

Power to the People Upgrades:

Shotgun Rate of Fire: A steel gear accelerator increases the shotgun's rate of fire. The gears whirr like clockwork, eliminating the need for pumping. Seen on the inside of the gun, integrated into the firing mechanism.

Shotgun Damage Increase: A gas-assisted firing mechanism increases the shotgun's damage. Several gas canisters adorn and link to the barrel from outside of the gun. Smoke is forced upward after each shot.

00 Buck: Standard

Electric Buck: Electro Bolt, with more bite and no EVE loss. Stun the enemies for a short time, enough for your next shot.

Greater Weapons


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Think Tank

Number of posts : 91
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Age : 29

PostSubject: Other Equipment   Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:06 pm

These are the different items you can carry. Remember that you only have nine slots in your Effects.

See Health & EVE for more information.


First Aid Kits

These miracles in a tin box have all you need to patch yourself up. They have all the standard medical supplies like their cousins on the surface but what makes these special are the little injectable vials filled with the same vitality fluid obtained from using Health Stations. You'll be feeling better in no time.

First Aid Kits, along with Health Stations, are the only thing that can heal you while you're in Danger status. One First Aid Kit gets you from Danger to Caution, two will get you all the way to Fine. It takes one full turn to use one First Aid Kit.

EVE Hypos

Fuel your Plasmid prowess! These carry the EVE you need to fuel your powers, in faster action disposable Hypos like the bigger one you have for ADAM. You get five uses of EVE and an EVE Hypo recovers all five uses. It takes one recover to use an EVE Hypo. Jam the needle in your arm and go!

With the advent of ADAM, common addictions and pleasures were set aside. Fontaine Futuristics and the various companies selling consumables found it mutually profitable to add elements of ADAM and EVE to their wares, making them more valuable for the conflict conscious citizens of Rapture.


Food items can get you from Caution to Fine, and are cheaper than First Aid Kits.

Creme Filled Cakes

They're not bad for you anymore! The creme filling has been blended with the special healing element from the First Aid Kits and Health Stations. Easy on your taste buds, and your well being!

Pep Bars

You've felt the pep, now feel the vitality! The special formula that made each small bar pack a big punch has had the healing component added so you can heal the minor arm lasceration you got on the way to your apartment.

Potato Chips

Our potatoes are injected with the same miracle fluid found at health stations. Get the same benefits in a different way, at a cheaper price, and without those holes in your arm.


Luxury items are generally used for EVE but some have other purposes as well.


Pick your poison. ADAM never could quite match the fun you could have while drunk. However with the Booze Hound tonic you can make alchohol useful for more than that as well, processing it as health into your body so that it offers just as much healing prowess as food. With Incinerate! you can light the end of the bottle with the tip of your finger for an on the spot molotov! (Note: does not require a use of EVE)

Here are the different varieties of Booze, in order from least expensive to most expensive (price has no bearing on their properties)

Old Tom Whiskey, Old Harbinger Beer- The common, reliable anywhere drinks. Tastes as cheap as it costs.

123 Beer- One of the most popular and successful brew in Rapture.

Ryan's Club- You'll likely find Loyalists drinking this, regardless of its taste...

Chechnya Vodka- Rumored to be the favorite of Fontaine, expect a lot of Revolutionaries to be carrying this with them. The house drink of the Fighting McDonagh's.

Arcadia Merlot- What they knock back in Rapture's little paradise. Said to get the bettys in the mood.

Lacas Scotch- The finest (by default) Scotch of Rapture.

Zimmerman Chardonnay- Featured at Rapture's Grand Carnival. While the kids play, try our Chardonnay!

Moonbeam Absinthe- The only liquor Sander Cohen will drink. Rumored to help with the creative side of things, but most people who said that were already under its influence.

Rare Gin- One would be lucky to get their hands on a bottle of this fabled drink, but they wouldn't ever remember it.


Feel your genetic power with every puff. Each cigarette contains enough EVE to cover one plasmid use. Light it at the beginning of one turn, and get one use of EVE free in your next turn when you've finish the Cigarette. There's five cigarettes in every pack. Can be lit with the included match or with Incinerate! on one finger for dramatic effect. (Note: does not require use of EVE)


Feel that jolt in the morning - literally. Caffiene freaks rejoice! With EVE soaked into our blend you get two EVE uses from every can, cheaper and tastier than an EVE Hypo too. Note: Don't really try to taste an EVE hypo.
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Think Tank

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PostSubject: To Part IV   Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: Genetic Modifications, Weapons, & Other Equipment   

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Genetic Modifications, Weapons, & Other Equipment
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