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 Elliot Ferral

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PostSubject: Elliot Ferral   Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:23 pm

Name: Elliot Ferral

Age: 38

Sex: Male

Appearance: Average height, frighteningly lean, and a snow shad of pale. Always a black leather head band on his forehead, covering the shameful brand of the Nazi Swatsika above his right eye and the soviet hammer and sickle above his left (see background for explanation). His eyes are a deep green, almost black. His hair matches the shade of his headband, creates a widows peak, and is relatively short. His lips are drained of color through years of hardship leaving them a dull pink/purple.

Despite his ghost-like appearance he manages to create an air of ease anywhere he goes, probably due to his soothing, confident voice and melting smile.


Ferral was born in 1912 to an upper class London family. At the age of six he spoke fluent Greek (an attribute thanks to his nurturing foreign nanny and his enthusiasm for Greek story telling). His mother and father provided well enough to attend Oxford, where he gained a minor in Biology and a major in Literature (keep in mind, money was no worry for Ferral...yet).

In 1934 Feral moved to Austria in order to observe Austrian culture, something he feared was dying due to the depression and rising political rivalries. There he met his wife, Johanna Ferral and by 1938 had a child, Ernest Ferral.

To support himself Ferral published several books in Austria, all of them excellent, but none of them successful as party propaganda sold off the shelves and people continued to run out of money to buy books. While they lingered on the shelves frequently, he was able to make a livable wage and support his family.

When the Nazis overtook Austria he ceased writing, in fear of catching to attention of the self-proclaimed supermen. His wife Johanna however, worked at a local bakery, and her fellow employees informed party officials that she was married to a British Novelist. The Ferral family was quietly and carefully observed. Their passports were frozen and they were not permitted to leave the country, in fear that Ferral's eloquence would inspire the British to declare war if he returned to his home country.

In 1939, when England declared war on Germany, it was over for the Ferral family. Progressively their conditions worsened as the Nazi party continued to confiscate their rights, in 1941 a knock on the door was heard. Johanna answered and met the bullet of a storm trooper. Elliot, hysterical, ran at the trooper. He was pulled off the trooper and blinded with a burlap sack. His son's screams became more and more muffled.

The first thing he saw was a gray, rocking wall. Turns out because of his "rudeness" a special train car was reserved for him. Chained to a chair, the officer he almost attacked questioned him.

"Sir, which way do you lean?" He asked, a direct question to his political orientation.

"I stand firm!" Meaning that he stood in the center, neither communist nor fascist.

The soldier laughed, "We will see." Above his right eye, a swatstika was branded, showing that Ferral was now a fascist, whether he liked it or not. The camp, a name which he never gave to anyone, was a very circle of hell itself.

When liberated, the Soviets immediately turned him to work. However, the camp had made Ferral a stone soul, someone who would not compromise his beliefs even in the face of a ghostly hand. All those years of knowing his wife was dead, and never knowing where his son was got to Feral, he had become a machine. As he began writing propaganda pamphlets though, he saw that the Soviets were just as cruel as his former captors.

Thinking of his son, Ferral knew that he must do something. Writing a novel under the name Commercio Scuro "Dark Trade", Feral satirized the brutal equality between the Soviets and Nazis with two monstrous brothers who grew separately, lead mirroring lives and yet despised each other. Stalin quickly identified himself as the Crimson Beast and once again a knock was heard on his door.

A squad of soldiers entered his house, tying him down and branding him above the left eye, this time with the hammer and sickle. Now, they claimed, he would belong to no one. As they dragged him screaming down a dark, quite Austrian street a lone gunman killed the guards. When the gunman introduced himself, Ferral's cold life finally took a turn for the better.

The man was an agent of Andrew Ryan, a man who with Feral felt an immediate kinship due to their similar backgrounds and anti-war beliefs. An invitation to Rapture was extended, Ferral accepted.

Although on the surface all of his books had been destroyed by the Soviets and Nazis, in Rapture he quickly became a sensation. His books, fiction with a surprisingly light outlook, were devoured from Rapture shelves. However, his latest work, Descent into Divinity. Alludes to his experiences through several poems.

When the Civil War broke out he and his rival, critic, and friend Sander Cohen sided with Andrew Ryan. Ferral despised Fontaine for two reasons: Treachery and Murder, thinking that Fontaine had started a conflict which he could not end, one which would needlessly through lives away.

Personality: Despite his dark background and past misfortunes, Ferral has a sunny smile and personality to match. He frequently tells great jokes and writes fluffy poetry. However, people suspect that his inner pain, awoken by the deaths caused by Fontaine, will finally unleash a fiery madness. When Feral does get mad he is known become very quiet and contemplative.

Presently Ferral is living in Fort Frolic and writing a new novel: Ashes, a book about a young man in the streets of Moscow who escapes the Soviet Union and civilization as a whole, living in a hidden paradise in Siberia.

It is also rumored that he, with his basic knowledge of science, has created a telepathy plasmid. But the rumors have not been confirmed yet.

Class: Purist (A man very skilled with telekinesis, Ferral remains convicted that he will use no other plasmid).

Alignment: Ryan Loyalist

Bonus Item: EVE hypo.

Sentimental item: His son's fountain pen, a large, cumbersome blue pen made of fine stone which Feral insists on writing all of his original transcripts with.
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Elliot Ferral
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