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Paradise Lost is a forum dedicated to the Bioshock videogame series and the Role Playing community. If you enjoy intellectual videogame discussion and roleplaying with a Bioshock twist, Paradise Lost is your forum.
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 Introducing myself

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Thuggish Splicer
Thuggish Splicer

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Registration date : 2009-04-10
Age : 24
Location : ..somewhere

PostSubject: Introducing myself   Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:08 pm

im kind of new to this rping thing so, sry Judas but im going to copy your way of introduce yourself..if you dont mind. Very Happy

My name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex , or Zander. Cool
Bioshack has to be one of my top 5 games of all time...It's my first
I have some rping exp. from not much

Top Game(s) of all time (for me)
2.Gutiar Hero/Rock Band
3.Halo 2
5.Mass Effect

I have a few question.
Where is the Paradise Lost roleplay?
How do i check my private messages?....Im really new to this rping thing

Thank you.

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Spliced Big Daddy
Thuggish Splicer
Thuggish Splicer
Spliced Big Daddy

Number of posts : 1
Registration date : 2009-04-11

PostSubject: Re: Introducing myself   Sat Apr 11, 2009 1:43 pm

im gunna introduce myself here instead of making a new thread.

herro, my name is Antonio, im 14.
my gamertag is Sir Spangledorf
feel free to add me, just say where your from.
I love the movie watchmen, haunting in connecticut, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, and superbad

my favorite games are
Fallout 3
left 4 dead
fear series
and killzone 2
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Thuggish Splicer
Thuggish Splicer

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Registration date : 2009-04-06
Age : 27
Location : Fort Frolic

PostSubject: To answer Incinerate   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:29 pm

1. To actually be in the roleplay, u must go to paradise lost a rapturian roleplay, but u 1st must make a profile under Rapture control.

2. To answer PMs, go to top and look up PM

If u have more questions, pm AspirationRealized.
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PostSubject: Re: Introducing myself   

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Introducing myself
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